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The Society publishes a range of books and occasional papers and an annual journal. Some of the more recent books are shown below.  A full list of annotated publications, together with prices and postage costs can be downloaded                        or you can download an order form. 


Northern Territory Historical Studies: A Journal of History, Heritage and Archaeology  - The Society’s annual peer reviewed journal. The journal publishes material on the history and archaealogy of  the Northern Territory or on subjects which have relevance to Northern Australia. The journal’s editorial committee welcomes the submission of articles, extracts from primary sources, book reviews, and notes.


Do you want to publish?

If you are interested in publishing in our Journal please contact the Journal Editor, Clayton Fredericksen, or if you are interested in publishing a book please contact  Brian Reid,, our book editor. 

SOME OF OUR RECENT BOOKS - 2021, 2020 and earlier:


Cramp Norman 2021

A collection of histories of the Northern Territory Indigenous people who served in WWI, WWII, and in the Korean and Vietnamese wars.

A timely and important book which should be widely read


Myers John  2021

Some entertaining reminiscences of his years as a Connellan pilot and much that went with it; like life in Alice Springs.

A must read for historians and aviation buffs, the 'plane photos are wonderful.

Oliver Pam   2021.

CLA Abbott: Husband of Hilda and controversial World War II Administrator of the Northern Territory. This is a revisionary, scholarly and detailed biography of a man who, we learn,  was many other things - a youth, a military serviceman and a politician.   

Abbot cover.jpg

Derrick  Lynette     2020

Sheer Hard Work and Plenty of Guts: Th Farrar Family of the Norther Territory

An excellent look at the family's early pastoral life in the Top End and then their life in wartime, bombed Darwin.


Carment David 2019

First published in 2005 this second edition of David Carment's book about Darwin is updated, includes more text and many more coloured illustrations. We know it will just be as popular as the first edition, being both authoritative and entertaining.


carment cover.jpg
crossed t book.jpg

 WOLFE Jacki    2019

Crossed Tracks on Ngurra Mala:

Ownership and Dispossession

Requests and Resilience.

Jacki Wolfe, a geographer and Associate Professor at the University of Guleph, Ontario, now retired, worked for many years with First Nation and Innuit communities in Canada and spent two years and several dry seasons as a Visiting  Fellow at the North Australian Research Unit of the Australian National University. 

REID, Brian  2017

'To mend my situation': The journey of James Stokes Millner 1839 -1865

James Millner was a significant figure during the early years of Darwin's development. He was a respected South Australian General Practitioner who was involved in a range of community organisations and who filled many roles in early Darwin

reid millner.jpg

FARRAM, Steven 2017

Charles James Kirkland

Charles Kirkland arrived in Palmerston (Darwin) in 1878, less than a decade after the settlement’s establishment. Kirkland proved to be one of the NT’s most enduring and successful pioneers and was one of the best-known individuals in Palmerston/Darwin of his day. He had a long career as editor and owner of the Northern Territory Times and Gazette. He was also active in the social, civic and political life of the town and as a result became well-acquainted with all the major figures in the community.

farram kirkland.jpg
book pic 2.jpg

Reid Brian   2020

Brian Reid's tale of the growth and conclusion of the conflict between the Protectors of the Aborigines (who were also

Colonial Medical Officers) and the Government Residents in the Northern Territory under South Australian rule.

A very readable, informative and entertaining book.

anzac book.jpg

MASON Elizabeth Anne (Janie) AM 


Connecting Darwin and the

Eastern Front:

Anzac Nursing stories.

Janie is curator of the Charles

Darwin University Nursing Museum

and undertook the Anzac journey 

described in he book.

OVERALL Mary Jane  2019


Mary Jane Knew Jean Meskens, aka Buffalo Johnny when she lived in Darwin. After researching his life she decided to write her first biography, giving a detailed picture of this complicated man, a prisoner of war, an artist, with a poor Northern Territory reputation due to his controversial outback zoo. A fascinating read.

OLIVER Pam 2017

The Intrepid Hilda Abbott: Author, Designer, Red Cross Officer, Political Wife,   1890-1984

Hilda Abbott was the wife of the Northern Territory Administrator, CLA Abbott. The frequently unfair criticisms regarding Hilda’s behaviour during and immediately after the Japanese bombing of Darwin in February 1941 are forensically examined.

Pam also writes about Hilda's achievements while working for the Red Cross and as an interior designer It is the story of a woman who, while not without noticeable flaws, showed great determination, kindness and loyalty. Her legacy is far more positive and varied than is often portrayed in the historical record.

Abbot cover.jpg

Oliver Pam   2021.

The Resolute CLA Abbott

CLA Abbott: Husband of Hilda and controversial World War II Administrator of the Northern Territory. This is a revisionary, scholarly and detailed biography of a man who, we learn,  was many other things - a youth, a military serviceman and a politician.   

ASHFORD Stephen (Ed)  ABBOTT Hilda 2016

Good Night All About: Reminiscence of Life in Darwin and the Northern Territory 1937-1946

Hilda Abbott arrived in Darwin in 1937 with her husband, CLA Abbott, who was the Administrator. During their nine years in the Territory, Hilda was known as an energetic “First Lady”. She had previously worked for the Australian Red Cross in Cairo and she revived the Darwin branch.

She was inspired by the Territory to record her memoirs as well as writing numerous articles about Territory life. In 1946, the Abbotts left Darwin and returned to NSW.

This trilogy available at reduced cost - $80.00


DE LA RUE, Kathy  2017

A Stubborn City: Darwin.

A history of Darwin during the time it was ruled by Canberra. A well researched and complete history of the period.

  **winner of the 2018 Chief Minister's History book award.**


DEWAR, Mickey, 2010

Darwin - No Place Like Home: Australia's Northern Capital in the 1950s through a Social History of Housing    The book examines the evolution of the Darwin community through its private and public housing schemes. Dr Dewar also addresses the housing reconstruction of Darwin after the cyclones of 1897, 1937 and Cyclone Tracy in 1974, and after the bombing of Darwin in WW2.

** winner of the 2011 Chief Minister’s History book award.**

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